Get Educated, Become Licensed, And Be A Realtor

Get Educated, Become Licensed, Be a Realtor

The real estate market has been one of the fastest growing industries in the country over the last couple of decades. The time has never been better for those with an interest in a career as a Realtor, and the motivation to stay abreast of change, to enhance their education, and become a part of this nationwide multi-billion dollar industry. The requirements may be different depending on the state of licensing, but the rewards are generally lucrative. Being a Realtor requires ongoing training in order to stay informed of any changes in the real estate laws, and those of the state of residence.

How to Become a Realtor

Whether you are just beginning to embark on a career, or are changing careers, becoming a Realtor is simple and easy. The first requirement is to enroll in a real estate licensing course that can be completed over the summer, in a matter of weeks, or just a few months. After completion of the course, it is time to take the state Realtor licensing exam, and pass it. Generally, that information goes to the state Real Estate Commission or Bureau, and your license is issued.  Once you’re licensed, it’s time to sign up under a broker and put your new knowledge to work. With the housing market on an up swing, agents are looking for bright, energetic, Realtors who are excited about their new profession.

Continuing Education for Licensed Realtors

In most states, Realtors are required to renew their licenses about every four years. They must take a 36-45 clock hour course that has been approved by the State’s Real Estate licensing authority. These courses are generally taught by longtime knowledgeable agents. The courses for the continuing training are usually related to consumer protection, or consumer service courses, but each state may differ. Realtors are also required to have periodic training in updated housing laws. A Realtor renewing for the first time must have five 3-hour courses that consist of Ethics, Trust Fund Handling, Agency, Risk Management, and Fair Housing. These are fairly basic for all states.

Maintaining a License

Once a Realtor obtains a license, they are required to keep up the continuing education yearly, or during a specified time period. The license must be maintained in the state where the Realtor operates. The requirements are a part of the state laws, and administered by each state’s real property commission. The pre-licensing, and post-licensing procedure will be different with each state. Many CE courses for Realtors can be done online with the proper requirements available for each state. New Realtors and those who are eligible for license renewal can get all of the information needed by visiting the website of a reliable CE course work company.

Becoming a Realtor does not stop with the initial courses and license. It is an ongoing process that keeps the Realtor knowledgeable of all updates in the industry. The training is extensive and is essential for the success of the Realtor. The housing market changes with all of the new laws that surround them each year, and so does the information that a licensed Realtor needs. The most successful Realtors are the ones that stay on top of the changing market, and can keep the potential property buyer informed. Anyone with a desire can be trained to be a Realtor. One main requirement is to enjoy talking to, and assisting people with their needs.